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Some of the recently published columns are listed below. Keep watching this space for the latest.

Single Indian males commit suicide
“Hey…are you alone? Can I come with you?” hissed a single male to me, apparently a tourist from Haryana. He seemed like a middle-class traveller, lettered, was single and surely not planning on staying so! Or so, it seemed. Anyone doling out a line like that at the Gateway of India, in Mumbai would seem like an innocuous pick-up line just that it was targeted to me – a single male and on the way to Elephanta Island. The times are changing but my sexual references aren’t, I thought to myself as I smiled a polite dissent before moving on. Read More...

Marital rape will be punished, anyhow
“Marital rape should be made punishable,” hissed a female student of Journalism during a Media Laws lecture, “and the Government must do something about it,” she said, angry at the Government in particular and the nation’s apathy at large. “The Government would, if the people truly wanted it. And, it will, once the people are ready for it,” I explained to her and told her that the extent of criminality should and would, in time, be addressed, but moving beyond that and legislating on cultural norms was bordering on addressing personal laws which were held sacrosanct till date. “It’s an Elephant in the Room that someone will have to address,” I said. “Just give it time.” Read More...

Calling the PIL Bluff – OpEd
The dismissal of a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) filed by advocate K.L.N.V. Veeranjaneyulu, who took exception to a particular chapter in a book written by Writer and Social Scientist Kancha Illaiah, came as a breather. The Supreme Court dismissed the petition to uphold the fundamental Right of Free Speech, “keeping in view the sanctity of the said right and also bearing in mind that the same has been put on the highest pedestal by this court”. The judiciary’s stand on the issue couldn’t be clearer. It will not permit an individual or group to curbing a fundamental right through a motivated PIL. Read More...

State, Film Focus On A Pending Need For Toilets – OpEd
Hindi film industry’s Akshay Kumar’s latest ‘Toilet – Ek Prem Katha’ brings to focus a very serious issue. In India, where a huge number of rural settings don’t have toilets, the issue isn’t just one of hygiene, it is one of safety too that is hugely compromised each time a woman steps out to relieve herself in the dark of the night or before dawn as is usually the case. Read More...

Playing Politics On The National Song
Bahujan Samaj Party’s 82-year-old MP Shafiqur Rahman Barq’s recent walk out of the Lok Sabha while the national song Vande Mataram was being played has kicked up a controversy, as predictable as the act itself. That some Muslims choose to not sing Vande Mataram isn’t a matter of surprise. That we continue to make an issue over it is. Read more...