B.A (Hons) Sociology,
LL.B (Government Law College, Mumbai),
PG.D (Human Rights),
LL.M (Constitutional and Administrative

Law, Mumbai University)
Gajanan Khergamker is an Editor, Solicitor and Documentary Film-maker with over 35 years experience in Media and Law. He founded DraftCraft more than a decade ago as a Media-Legal firm primarily to bolster need for affirmative action through media and to decrypt the law and make it accessible for the marginalised. DraftCraft is now DraftCraft International where its activities extend beyond boundaries as a US chapter was launched - albeit entirely offline - in 2017. On August 15, 2018 was launched ‘The Draft’ an online news portal that aims to shed all constraints of fear and favour while collating, processing and publishing NEWS.

He tackles issues via Media and By The Law through editorials in Print, Online fora and Films where he analyses the law and intervenes to provide strategic remedies. He has authored several Books, White Papers and produced a series of Documentaries on strategic issues.

He write articles, commentaries and columns on Law and Policy, Conflict of Interest, Affirmative Action, Diplomacy, International Affairs, Terrorism, Civil Rights, State Security, Social Trends, Cultures and interprets Legislation, Media Coverage, Ethics, Jurisprudence and Precedent in media across the world.

Media Experience

He put to use experience garnered over three decades starting from 1984, in working with The Times of India group, Sunday Times of India, Metropolis on Saturday, Free Press Journal, Indian Express and Blitz. He has worked in widely-diverse editorial capacities ranging from senior reporter / edit page editor to the post of deputy news editor to aid news generation, editorial crisis management and pre-print processes. He initiates and documents change through DraftCraft (Films) Productions, which produces experimental films and documentaries and DraftCraft Publications, which generates media – in forms both Traditional and Digital.

DraftCraft (Films) Productions produces documentaries and triggers change through them; shorts to educate e-viewers about fact, law and processes. DraftCraft Productions undertakes screenings of foreign documentaries/educational creations by students and professionals across India – through arrangements with state entities, private groups, educational institutions and civil society.

DraftCraft Publications generates academic journals, media publications, e-books and other works on a regular basis. It collates intelligence and calls for academic papers from the academicians and practitioners of the relevant industry to publish in esteemed DraftCraft’s online journals and academic publications.

He undertakes regular Training Sessions/Workshops for Media Groups and News Publications to tackle and elaborate upon topical news issues affecting them. He also train media professionals on the legal risks and finer nuances of pressing subjects. This is done to legally immunise them and uphold the Freedom of Speech and Expression without compromising the vulnerability of the media or legal position of stakeholders.

Law In Practice 

Through his international law firm, The Chamber Practice, he actively widens the reach of the Law by expanding the definition and scope of the ‘State’ and popularising and ensuring the reach of Constitutional and Administrative Laws, Human Rights Laws, RTI, Housing Laws and Consumer Laws. He personally intervene and offer consultations and alternative dispute resolutions for private and state entities.

He holds key Lectures and Strategic Legal Workshops for industry-specific stakeholders like academicians, journalists, medical practitioners, lawyers, civil society members, human resources professionals, etc. With a team of Law Volunteers, he conducts regular Legal Aid Camps for affected groups in rural and urban areas.

Role In Academics – Lectures/Workshops/Seminars

Gajanan Khergamker is approached as a Resource Person, Expert/Visiting/Guest Faculty at Media and Law colleges, NLUs and State University affiliated institutes to tackle a range of subjects. Concurrently, through DraftCraft International and The Chamber Practice, he collaborates with educational institutes and offer timely industry updates regularly in the form of Workshops, Certificate Courses, Lectures Series, etc.  He is open to examining the potential of partnering through DraftCraft International with your educational institution for furthering educational reach and mutual benefit.

He holds Expert/Online Lectures and Strategic Workshops at educational institutes all over the world.

Mode of Teaching: Highly-interactive session with audio-visual content, documentaries, films, debates, question and answer segments, online lectures and walk-through online lectures/workshops.

Gajanan Khergamker could contacted on 8080441593 or reached through email at gajanan@draftcraft.in for details of programme and charges and/or availability of dates. You could also visit www.gajanankhergamker.com and www.draftcraft.org for reference.